The Forensics Express team is consisted of Cyber incident response professional team , retired malware researches and penetration testers team from the army who earned lots of computer forensics while performing deep memory dump and computer forensics analysis.

While performing these analysis they revealed many cases of real hacking activity , industrial espionage ,exposed internal and outbound threats in organizations ,detection of real backdoors that were existed on computers ,Trojans used to steal data , Botnet connections detection while downloading the 2nd stage of attacks ,malware traffic activity detection ,TOR browsing , attacks from darknet network, spreading infections , lateral movement malwares, brute force attacks ,network scanning and Reconnaissance  activities ,zero days APTs and these all were revealed using advanced analysis technique by researching the memory dump of the computer .

In many cases organizations do not know that they actually have an attacker inside their organization already ,They may have a malware , a backdoor ,Trojan or any other internal or outbound threat activity inside their organization without their awareness, sometimes they get a clue for that by one of their security defense systems but after scanning with Anti-Virus the host they simply assume that host is not infected when getting 0 results for infection this is exactly the losing point time ,  every minute from the detection is critical and you must know and find out , reveal the truth 100% if the host is clean or not or it’s being used by an attacker and if used by an attacker then learn about his intents. When you have some doubt about specific host there is no doubt and you must validate asap if the host is real infected or not .This is where our team gets into the picture and can help you better finalize if the host is completely clean or actually infected. If you won’t reveal the truth on time you may end up to be another Cyber victim and you will be added to the everyday statistics news , In most cases the malwares and hacking activity can be seen just by analyzing the memory of the computer using advanced analysys technique and this is where the Forensics Express team get into the picture and can assist you.

There are also cases where you simply need to know more about your kid’s or wife’s or employee’s computer activity and you might contact us also to research their computer .

The goal and the vision of the Forensics Express team is to allow in a reasonable price a quality memory dump analysis and forensics package according to your needs and reveal the truth for you.

So …are you ready to reveal the truth? contact us now.