Forensics Express Process
Forensics Express Process

Step 1: Create a memory dump 

In order to provide you computer forensics analysis report we must recieve the memory dump of the computer.

  1. Download dumpit.exe
  2. Copy dumpit.exe to the local drive of your computer and double click it ,type Yes and the file :<computername-Date-ID.raw will start processing ,see screenshoot example below.
running dumpit.exe
running dumpit.exe
run dumpit.exe yes
run dumpit.exe yes

3.When it will end expect for a prompt with success message

At the end the file will be saved in the same folder where dumpit.exe was copied to .

dumpit created dump succesfully
dumpit created dump succesfully

Step 2 : Upload the memory dump 

1.Zip the file and upload it for us for invastigation .

This process may take some time depends also on the amount of your RAM on your computer, we support up to 8GB RAM of uploads

zip the memory dump

Step 3 :Contact Forensics Express Support and get your first free memory dump for free

1.Contact Forensics express team to update regarding the memory dump that you uploaded use the following contact web form

2.The Forensics Express team will do a first validation to ensure that the memory dump is not corrupted and will send you a report.

Step 4 : Select a package

Are you satisfy , would you like to continue working with us?

contact the Forensics Express team ,Select the forensics express package that you like update the team and we will get back to you with an offer that best fit with your needs.

Step 5 :Get your computer forensics report

The forensics express team will research and analyze the dump and email you the report with respect to the required selected package within 3 business days.

We are looking forward to serving you ,

For any further questions , please refer to our FAQ section and feel free also to contact us at any given time.

Thank You,

The Forensics Express team